Shiv Lingams
Shiva Lingams Stones
These unusual stones, gathered from Narmada river in India, are said to emanate the powerful energies of the Hindu God Shiva. The stones are made of crypto crystalline quartz and are said to have been formed from a meteorite that fell to Earth several million years ago. The natural movement of the river is believed to help create the egg or the oval shape of the stones.

Shiva Lingams are said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rates of all the stones on earth. As such, the vibration is said to be perfect for purification purposes, whether at home, work or in an area of sacred space.

The shape of the stone represents male energy (knowledge) and the markings, which differ greatly from stone to stone, represent female energy (wisdom). Together the two elements signify the merging of male and female energy and the stones can act as a reminder to us to balance our own male-female energies and create a more harmonious state of being.

Stones can be used to energies the chakras and to awaken kundalini energies. The stones can be considered talismans of enlightenment, which facilitate visionary experience. They are also said to balance the male & female polarities within the self, and to allow the user to tap into the collective spiritual understandings of seekers throughout the ages. Shiva Lingams stones are sacred in both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

Large Shiva Lingams are best used as alter pieces. These stones are “generators” of immense amounts of activating energy. Smaller Lingams can be used as pendants or pocket pieces, to constantly carry the energy with oneself. Or, they can be utilized in meditation holding once in each hand.
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Small Shivalingam
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